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There are four major types of siding; wood, aluminum, vinyl, and cement fiber. Each of these can dramatically change the appearance of your home in Englewood, CO from one to the other and it is important to understand the differences that each bring to the appearance of the Englewood home.

Wood siding is the oldest type of siding out of the four; however, it can provide an authentic look to your home in Englewood, CO. Wood can easily be customized into a wide range of shapes and sizes to give your Englewood home the look of authenticity that you need. Wood also allows for a wide range of colors because it can be stained or painted. There is a down side to wood, however, which may make you want to steer away. Wood is susceptible to water damage and insect damage.

Aluminum siding requires little maintenance and can easily last for ten years or more. It is immune to almost any kind of damage except for paint and dent damage; however, it can be coated in vinyl and plastic to protect against this as well. There are disadvantages to aluminum siding though. You cannot customize aluminum siding as much as you can wood siding.

Vinyl siding is the most common siding of the four today. It is cheaper than aluminum siding and does not have to be painted, making it easier to maintain than aluminum siding. Vinyle siding has one down side though. It becomes weak in cold weather so it is not recommended to be used in cold weather atmospheres.

Cement fiber is the most recent development out of the four and is the most durable out of the four. It is designed to have the same customizable capabilities as wood and to be durable like the aluminum and vinyl siding. Cement fiber; however, is more expensive than aluminum or vinyl.

LifeTime Exteriors can complete any siding job large or small. Our professional siding specialists will advise you on the different siding options that will fit within your budget. Our siding specialists are equipped with the latest equipment and professional expertise to get the job done efficiently and our customer service is second to none. Call (720) 999-6600 to get a free estimate on siding today

Englewood Siding Installation

Before the siding is applied, the existing structure will be inspected for water intrusion, termites and rot. A weather resistant barrier is recommended to create an extra layer of moisture and wind protection. Each piece of siding is then securely attached to your home, providing one of the best exteriors available.

Englewood Siding Replacement

Don't Settle for a Quick Siding Fix! The quick way isn't always the best way. Covering up old siding with new vinyl siding might be the quickest way to put new siding on your home, but in reality you could be covering up a problem, not solving it. The best way to deal with the rotting hardboards and wood is to start with a clean slate and have LifeTime Exteriors remove it. The right way to do the job is to remove the original problem and replace it with new siding.

Our Customers LOVE Us!

"They did the roof in one day which was amazing. Rick was very professional and showed me samples to choose from. When they finished the job the cleaned up very well and there was nothing left including nails"

Michael B.

"Oscar did a great job doing my flooring and baseboard. What I loved about working with Oscar is he made it very simple. He wasn't complicated or difficult. If there was a little hurdle or hiccup he handled it. He didn't try to nickel and dime you after his initial bid. His communication was excellent. He got in when he said he would, and he was done when he said he would. He cleaned up after himself and didn't leave a mess behind. His price is very competitive and reasonable. I'm already getting bid from him to do another flooring job. I would definitely recommended him to anyone looking to flooring."

Michael M.

"Lifetime Exteriors was very easy to reach and returned all my calls promptly. Efficient and very knowledgeable. Their estimate was very fair and I was never asked for any money upfront. This impressed me! Pleasure doing business with this company. I will be using them in future for any of my property management problems in the Denver area"

Susan Lutz

"During the entire project from beginning to end, the owner always made himself available and was extremely responsive to all of our requests. Although I entrusted the owner to supervise his team in the entire process but like any scrupulous home owner must see the job myself. I was especially impressed with Johnny’s accommodation to allow me to observe the job not from my concrete driveway or yard but from the top of my roof. Our new roof is absolutely beautiful! Each placement of shingles, nail, flashing, etc. is just perfect."

Alene Tran

"There was recently a storm that passed through my area and I received an email from Johnny inquiring about the storm and if I needed anything. He returned to my home this morning to look everything over and has already began the process of replacing everything that was damaged in the recent storm. I highly recommend this company, they are dependable and trustworthy. And that is hard to find."

Ashley Deckard

"Johnny came to our house three times to ensure that the color of the shingles for the house would match the shingles on the garage. The shingles were delivered the following week on a Friday and the crew started working on the roof on Monday. Johnny stopped by the house each day to check on the workers and to be sure that all was going well. When the roof was completed, the workers cleaned up the mess that was created when removing the old shingles and with the roofing process. We enjoyed working with Johnny and the roofing crew. We would recommend Lifetime Exteriors to anyone in need of a roof repair or replacement."

Joanne Maypole

"Johnny’s approach works. Not only do you get reminders that you need to make a selection, you get options. Not only do you get status reports, you get facts, updates and next steps. Not only am I surprised at his level of communication and quality of work, I have already requested that he inspect my private and other rental residences. Would I recommend him? Yes. Definitely. You will be shocked at the high level of communication and professionalism. Thank you."

John Osborn

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